Real Football 2008 -Update-

Dit is echt voetballen!

Niet langer hebben FIFA en Pro Evolution Soccer meer iets van elkaar te vrezen als enige concurrent. Nee, lees de voorgaande zin goed, als énige concurrent, want Real Football 2008 gaat zich ook mengen in de strijd tussen de voetbalgames. Nu is deze op het gebied van handhelds iets minder heftig, maar toch wil Ubisoft ons overtuigen dat hun voetbalspel het echte werk is, en vandaar waarschijnlijk de naam Réal Football 2008. Of het ook echt zo’n topper wordt als de naam doet suggereren, dat wachten we nog maar eventjes af, maar de screenshots zijn er in ieder geval.

-Update- Een snelle update alweer: de factsheet van de game is ook verschenen. Check hem hieronder.

London, England – October 12th, 2007 – Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, and Gameloft are proud to announce that Real Football 2008 for the Nintendo DS™ has romped through the qualification phase to reach European retail shelves today as a real contender for the title!

About Real Football 2008
Downloaded by 4.1 million players around the world and widely considered as being the definitive football game for mobile devices, Real Football 2008 is now available on Nintendo DS. With its amazing accessibility, Real Football 2008 lets anyone who loves the beautiful game, regardless of their skill level, set the field on fire with dribbles, step-overs, set pieces and spectacular goals. Play in larger-than-life stadiums, take on players with realistic characteristics and feel just like a real player as you shout into the built-in mic to influence the referee’s decisions!

The release of Real Football on 2008 is supported by international football stars Patrick Vieira and Carles Puyol, who are the cover stars for the game.

Real Football key features:

• Fun and intuitive football right from the whistle: Extremely intuitive controls make it easy to put together awesome footballing feats, regardless of your level, and perform spectacular technical moves such as bicycle kicks, step-overs, back-heels, flip-flaps and lobs.

• Innovations that truly take advantage of DS functionalities: Yell into the microphone to influence the referee’s decisions and thump penalty kicks into the back of the net with the stylus on the touch screen.

• Graphics and animation that push the limits of immersion and establish a new standard of quality on the DS: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of match day with nine stadiums that have been intricately modelled down to the smallest details. Stands, fans, pitch detail and 3D players with animations modelled on top world players all help create a genuine match feel.

• Advanced, dynamic artificial intelligence: Your team-mates and opponents adapt to your playing style, offering never-before-seen strategy depth. You’ll see them run the ball, use defence pressing, or even be substituted, based on the decisions you make.

• Multi-player mode for unlimited replayability: Play with up to four players with multiple cartridges and enjoy fiercely competitive, unforgettable football tournaments.

Real Football 2008 for DS is rated PEGI 3+