Mogelijk meer Geometry Wars naar Nintendo consoles

Dit zei Roger Carpenter, Senior Producer bij Vivendi Games.

Roger Carpenter, Senior Producer bij Vivendi Games, heeft zich onlangs laten interviewen door onze collega’s van de website C3. Ze kregen het over de toekomst van Geometry Wars, en dan specifiek over meer versies voor de Nintendo consoles. Ook WiiWare komt aan bod.

C3: Does Geometry Wars have a future on Wii – in other words, can we expect to see further versions appear at some point?

RC: We’d like to think there will be future versions of GWG on the Nintendo platforms, but that somewhat depends on how much the public like the game. We certainly have enough new ideas and the vision to create a sequel if there were the demand for one.

C3: And what are your thoughts in creating something original for the WiiWare download service?

RC: It’s certainly an interesting proposition. Like the services available on the other platforms, it would need something special for it to make it a big splash, but I’m sure over the next six months or so there’s going to be some very interesting content coming via WiiWare.