Draglade naar Europa

Draglade komt naar Europa toe!

Tot nu was het een beetje onbekend hoe Draglade nou zou worden. Het leek erop dat je moest vechten en dansen tegelijkertijd, maar dat was meer giswerk dan feiten opnoemen. Vandaag is er echter een persbericht verschenen met wat informatie erin. Hierin staat onder andere dat de game ook naar Europa komt en wel in maart! Daarbij zijn er ook weer wat screens verschenen, dus ik zou zeggen: lees ze en kijk de screens maar snel.

505 Games Announces Draglade Exclusively for Nintendo DS
Milton Keynes, 21st January 2008 – 505 Games today announced the release of Draglade, a new fighting game where players use an innovative mix of rhythm and combat to create devastating combos and attacks. Draglade will be launching exclusively on Nintendo DS in March 2008.

In the world of Draglade scientists have discovered that by releasing the energy from atmospheric matter, one can create a powerful audible weapon they call a ‘Glade’. However, the music generated by Glades clashing in combat generates an unmatchable sporting experience; this violent, symphonic ‘Grapping’ quickly becomes Draglade’s premier spectator sport, gripping the world’s population.

Draglade follows in the footsteps of four young Grappers – Hibito, Guy, Kyle, and Daichi – and their quest to reach the ranks of the Major Grappers. The game features intuitive rhythm combat controls, a vast amount of customisable fighting techniques and devastating attack combinations that allow for advanced fighting tactics.

Draglade makes full use of the Nintendo DS dual screen. The top screen shows the battle arena where as the touch screen allows you to mix and match moves to unleash devastating special attacks called ‘bullets’ to defeat your foes! Bullets are used to unlock new special moves or abilities and can even be traded with other players using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. By utilising the L shoulder button, players can also create their own awesome attacks called Beat Combos, inflicting huge damage based on a special rhythm. Gamers can customise these Beat Combos throughout the game to create their own deadly individual fighting style.

• A unique beat ‘em up game using a stylish mix of fighting and rhythm
• Pick up and play fighting combat with intuitive controls
• Each character can be customised, with their own unique weapons and attributes
• Expand your arsenal of abilities by trading skills with other players
• Collect and unlock ‘bullets’ throughout the game to unleash awesome special attacks on your opponent
• Unlock new characters and special fighting techniques and mix moves to beat your foes
• Use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to play against other players in a one-on-one test of skill or connect locally with a friend and take on cooperative quests

Draglade will be available exclusively on Nintendo DS in March 2008.