Insecticide screens en persbericht

Veel insecten te zien in dit spel.

Als je van insecten walgt, hoef je niet verder te kijken. Deze game is dan namelijk totaal niet geschikt voor jou. In Insecticide speel je als een insect en zal je veel andere insecten moeten verdelgen. Een beestenboel aan insecten dus. We hebben al een aantal keer screens van Insecticide kunnen posten, maar vandaag voegen we daar twee screens aan toe, inclusief een persbericht.

TITLE: Insecticide

PLATFORM: Nintendo DS & PC
DEVELOPER: Crackpot Entertainment
GENRE: Action Adventure
RELEASE DATE: August, 2008

Insecticide is a fast-paced, hard-boiled detective game set in a festering future city where bugs have evolved to become Earth’s dominant race. A murder at the powerful Nectarola soft drink company leads police from the Insecticide Squad on a bug hunt through the city’s seedy underbelly and into a mystery of epic proportions. Players join detective Chrys Liszt and her partner Roachy Caruthers on the case as they become entangled in a web of crime. It’s an action adventure in the truest sense, immersing players in cinematic combat levels as well as story-based detective work. Using Chrys’ unique insect abilities, a range of bug weaponry and good old fashioned street smarts, players must solve the case and uncover a shocking secret.

Insecticide Character Bio 2: Enemies

In Insecticide players follow Chrys Liszt through Troi’s darkest alleys and meet the city’s most shady characters. Learning who they are and what their weakness is will be very useful in hunting them down. Chrys faces several types of criminals in Insecticide and below are the most common bug types she will confront in her daring investigation.

Spit Bugs
These moderately slow-moving, ground-based enemies are equipped with toxic saliva, which they can project at a very fast pace. Although their attacks are fairly weak and have low accuracy players should not underestimate these thugs, they are vicious, sneaky and will do anything to kill Chrys.

Stick Bugs
Equipped with a ranged attack called Beetle Gun these moderately fast-moving, ground-based enemies like to take cover behind streetlights and other tall, skinny objects. Like Spit Bugs, Stick Bugs appear to be weak thugs at first glance but players should keep their wits about them when dealing with these mean customers. They are easily mistaken for street lights, can easily sneak up from all directions and they usually hang around in groups.

These slow-moving, flying enemies fire a damaging projectile at close range. They deal moderate damage and are not difficult to kill; however, they are mechanical animatronics and will explode when killed.

Nectarola’s animatronics advertising mascots, BeeBots are fast-moving, flying enemies that fire projectiles from their eyes. They are mechanical enemies that will explode when killed.

A member of a stick bug gang in Troi, this creep might seem feeble at first glance but he is a spineless and opportunistic criminal. His gang gained their reputation for using and selling Hista-Mines so players should watch their step around these bugs.

Hominids live in underground camps, in and around old subway stations. Due to their high sensitivity to pollen, they can only go outside with protective gas masks which filter the air. The outside air is fatally toxic to them, and even low pollen days are capable of making them swell up like a balloon and sneeze themselves into a million pieces without the proper protective gear. Even with the gear, low levels of pollen have made many of them addled and slow, and slightly psychotic. This accounts for their skittishness, short-term memory lapses, and general fear of all plant life, as well as the occasional worshipping of household appliances. They are a weak, devolved shell of a race clinging with a thread to their former world dominance. Hominids are moderately slow-moving, ground-based enemies armed with cans of bug spray.

Appliance Bugs
Appliance bugs are small robotic insects made out of recycled appliance parts. But their agility and ability to fire an energy-based projectile makes these bugs a big obstacle for Chrys to overcome. Luckily, they will become momentarily stunned from damage and can be picked up and armed as a weapon.

Insecticide will be available throughout Europe from August, 2008.